Monday, January 3, 2011

More Tracks!

I managed to get two more tracks up before the new year. Hope you enjoy them!

To Aggravate a Purist is a piece pitting purist perspectives from classicists and futurists against each other. The classicists would shudder at the thought of the precious classics being tainted while the futurists would be appalled at the idea of their modern futuristic sounds being mingled with the past. I have done both.

The Tromboscillator Session track is part of some recordings that were made in my Berlin apartment by a good friend of mine, Hilary Jeffery, and myself. The sounds were produced using the Tromboscillator which is a device he created that combines trombone and analogue electronics for stunning results. Together we took control of the two respective halves of the system, and duelled with signal modulation.

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